Expecting Greater Things: Goals for the Nashville Episcopal Area

In the first 100 days
1. Be in every district for worship and conversation
2. Meet with Connectional ministry teams in each conference
3. Begin moving each annual conferences toward alignment
a. Between Cabinet, Connectional Ministry Teams and Board of Ministry
4. Reset the focus on Mission
5. Begin creating a culture of call
6. Begin creating a culture of leadership
7. With the cabinet, establish the foundation of understanding of
a. Candor with Compassion
b. Authenticity
c. Transparency
8. Discover where there will be pastoral changes in the coming 1-3 years.
a. Come to know both pastor and congregation
9. Work with Cabinet around Strengths Finder Indicator to achieve balance of leadership

In the first year
1. Discerned a shared vision for the Nashville Area
2. Focus our work on Healthy Congregations
3. Lay the ground work for a Center for Ministry creating alignment
a. Including Pastoral Formation
i. Focusing on First Order theology: Proclamation and practice of the Gospel
ii. Second Order theology: reflecting on situations under the gospel
iii. Deepen the culture of Wesleyan Theology
b. Equipping Laity for ministry
4. Focus the work of the Unity Committee on the Mission of the Nashville Area
a. Complete the FACT Team process
b. Engage Gil Rendle as Consultant to guide the process
5. Train PPRC/SPRC Committees and Pastors regarding Missional Appointment making
6. Focus Annual Conference Sessions on Inspiration and Celebration

By 2020
1. We will be reaching one new disciple for every member in the Nashville Area annually
2. Have started two or more new congregations for every congregation we close
3. Have recruited 10 new young clergy persons per year above our current average
4. Addressed ineffectiveness in clergy and congregations
5. Raised the number of healthy congregations by 50%


16 Comments on “Expecting Greater Things: Goals for the Nashville Episcopal Area”

  1. Marsha Dorgan says:

    I am so happy you are here and out and about in both Conferences. There is so much to see that is going on that most people close their eyes to. The church has become a joke in the past few years as some are so busy playing church politics that they forget what they went into the ministry for. Thank you for working hard and loving the people and the area…We have needed a change for many years. Don’t forget to care for the widows and the orphans. The bible says to do it, but the ministers like to forget. They do not understand the suffering of one whose husband served Christ for 40 plus years as a minister and is no longer spoken to by the other clergy. They would understand if it was their wives that were being mistreated. I pray for you daily that you can change the hearts and souls of some of the hardhearted of the Memphis Conference who do not believe in Loving others as Christ loved them. They have cast stones yet their hearts and closets are not clean. I have left the church and gone to another denomination because of mistreatment and I am sure you are not even aware of who I am. I lost my husband to drowning 4 and a half years ago yet in the time that has past I have not been spoken to but maybe at the most 6 pastors and only 4 of those were full connection ministers. I have asked for Reconciliation from the minister of my church and he stood in the sanctuary of the church and yelled at me in front of the President of the United Methodist Women. If she had not been there, no one would have ever believed how he really is as he hides his true self under a clerical collar. Only 1 D.S. has spoken to me in the past few years yet my husband was D.S. 2 times in two different Districts. I was treated well until he died and then from then on it has been Hell. I hope that the church can see a change. The church is as good as the minister that leads it, and there are some preaching now that should not be. They have not been leaders or teachers for many years yet they are passed on through politics. They are not effective in their ministry. I have 5 other people from the local Methodist Church I went to who also go to the church I am going to now. They left for the same reason I did. Mistreatment and being a very social church instead of a very loving church. I pray daily that the people who are so blind they do not see ,will have their eyes opened to a new day in Christ and do as the Bible teaches. Thanks for coming here and helping to make a difference in the ministry to others in the Methodist Church. If only number 7 of the first 100 days goal is meet…Candor with Compassion, Authenticity, and Transparency is met it will make a difference in the whole Conference. That one is the main problem that is here now. Everyone sees and knows the problems yet no one does anything about them. It is a very open, hidden secret of what goes on around the Conference. I spent 35 years loving the Methodist Church and working hard in it, yet for my sanity, I had to leave it. They tried their best to break me, but I would not be quiet enough to let them. Please try to get the Churches involved also helping Africa University where there are 28 different African Countries working together to get an wonderful education that is Christ Centered and Loving. We do not need to forget Africa and her peoples who are wonderful people who need our help. Memphis and Nashville Conferences need to pay 100 percent apportionment to this great program. They have not in many many years. I would love to see you as a Bishop take the D.S. of both Conferences to here and see the good works they are doing. It has not been done by any Bishops we have had since AU has been there. It is a English speaking school and the Love and Compassion that is shown by these great people is life changing. Thanks for listening to my ramblings and tears but no one wants to see or hear the truth at times. Blessings to you and your family, and thanks for coming here and making a difference. You have done so much already I know there will be some great changes made.

  2. William Miller says:

    Thanks for helping us know and share in the vision you have for this area moving forward in fulfilling the mission of the United Methodist Church in this area. Bill Miller

  3. wtmcalilly says:

    Thanks for your candid response to my goals. At the end of the day, it’s not about age as it is about fruitfulness. I’ve seen some 65 year olds more effective than some 30 year olds. That said, over the next twenty years we are going to face significant retirements across the denomination. if we don’t begin now planning for those losses, we will be faced with some huge challenges. Also, I’m looking for people who can reach those whom we are not reaching, namely the lost generation of 18-30 year olds that frankly, i am not that good at reaching. You may want to consider the blog I wrote recently called, “The Power of We”. In goes without saying that I value all and we need all.

    At Annual Conference, at the end of the Ordination Service, I intend to issue an invitation to full time Christian Ministry. We won’t check birth certificates. We will look forward to welcome those who have been discerning a call.

    Have a great Sunday!


  4. I like your vision and your willingness put your thoughts out here for review. This is a breath of fresh air to the Nashville area.

    As a pastor who answered the call at 43, I would simply like to add that in an aging population the second career folks, who have lived life in service to the Church and who are experienced disciples and who many times have degrees of all kinds and have answered the Call to ministry late in life, bring a lot to the movement of the Church. Myself and others would love to work along side you to find ways to develop these more mature people and bring them into full connection with the Church.

    Your in our prayers Bishop Mcalilly, Steve

  5. Jerry Jeffords says:

    Thanks for setting a vision before the Nashville Area. This kind of vision is badly needed and something we haven’t had in several years!

    • wtmcalilly says:

      Thanks, Jerry! It’s a beginning point, not an ending point. I shared these goals with the Episcopacy Committee Saturday and in the spirit of transparency felt it wise to share them with all as a way of holding myself accountable.

  6. Sandra Burnett, Memphis Conference says:

    This is a hopeful list for the Nashville area. Praying that as disciples working with your leadership and vision, this will be accomplished to the glory of God.

  7. Birgitte T. French says:

    I am praying for you as our leader to guide us through this list. it is nothing but very encouraging and very exciting. An other very wonderful tool for discovering strenght and weaknesses is by using the “ENNEAGRAM” it explains why we behave the way we do, and it points to specific directions for individual growth. God’s Peace and many prayers, Birgitte

  8. Jennifer Trently says:

    I am praying for you and I am very excited about your vision for this conference. It gives me hope and gets me excited about the future particularly as one who is getting ready to turn 40 and sometimes wants to give up not on Jesus but on the church. I have a deep passion for soul care, discipleship, small groups and spiritual direction. It is my hope that I can somehow be apart of these new beginnings in the Memphis Conference. Joy on the journey, Bishop.

  9. Ed Trimmer, Center for Church Leadership says:

    Thanks so much for this post and helping us see your vision – I only hope that as we “Have recruited 10 new young clergy persons per year above our current average” we actually have churches that can AFFORD to pay them a FULL-TIME salary with BENEFITS!

    Working toward the Kingdom
    Ed Trimmer
    Center for Church Leadership

    • wtmcalilly says:

      When I look at the retirements that are facing us, we will need in the next 20 years leadership which will be able to step into the healthy churches that we are going to be developing.
      That’s why we need the Center for Church Leadership to continue to be a strong partner in the Nashville Area!

  10. Bishop,
    I am so encouraged by your vision and passion. We are praying for you.

  11. Edward Trimmer says:

    Thanks so much for this post and helping us see your vision
    – I only hope that as we “Have recruited 10 new young clergy
    persons per year above our current average” we actually have
    churches that can AFFORD to pay them a FULL-TIME salary with
    BENEFITS! Working toward the Kingdom Ed Trimmer Center for Church