Appointment Announcements

1.jpgOver the last few days, the two cabinets of the Nashville Area of The United Methodist Church have been engaged in the annual process of appointment-making. Many of you have held us in your prayers and we are deeply grateful.  What I can tell you is that we, too, have prayed for every congregation and every pastor in the Tennessee and Memphis Conferences by name.  I can also tell you that your cabinet has worked faithfully for the good of the whole.  Today those pastors in full time appointments who are moving will be contacted.  After the pastors have been contacted, the Chairpersons of the P/SPR Committees where there are moves will be contacted to inform them about the projected appointment for their congregation. Part-time changes will be communicated in May.

The Nashville Area Cabinet has worked extremely hard over the last four months thinking and praying about the mission field, our congregations, and our pastors as we have engaged this work. As we shared with you in the P/SPRC training in January, our hope was to make Missional appointments, which would better match pastor and congregation with an eye toward reaching the mission field. While we are continuing to move in that direction we were not able to do so in every circumstance.  However, in many places were able to do so.

This Sunday, the P/SPR Chairperson will share the news of the projected appointment with the congregation in worship. A prayer will be offered for both the departing pastor and the incoming pastor and the churches.

In the coming weeks there will be an introductory meeting with the new pastor and the P/SPR Committee that we call a Covenant Meeting. This will be a time to introduce the pastor and family and for the committee to speak about their mission and vision for ministry for this new beginning. It is NOT an interview, but it is a time of welcoming.

In May, in each of the conferences, there will be a transition seminar for those congregations and pastors who are involved in the moving process.

The dates are:
Sunday, May 5 at St. Mark’s in Murfreesboro from 3-5 (MAP)
Saturday, May 4, 9:00 A.M. at Grace UMC in Jackson, TN (MAP)

Each moving pastor and each P/SPRC will be expected to be in attendance. We believe this is a crucial time to create a positive new beginning. Your District Superintendent will share information with you regarding registration.

We continue to pray for each of you and pray God’s richest blessings on new beginnings.

8 Comments on “Appointment Announcements”

  1. Melba Mitchell says:

    I pray that God is leading the Cabinet to make the neccessary changes and I also pray that what is working will remain to continue to work and strengthen the United Methodist Churches.

  2. Tom Albin says:

    Thank you for helping us know what is going to happen and allow us to support you, the cabinet, the pastors and the SPRC members in prayer.

  3. Birgitte says:

    It has felt prayerful all along. Thank you also for the confidentiality.

  4. I sure hope that Don Lee can stay for a while longer/ I like him and his messages. He never has any notes and preaches from thew heart.

  5. says:

    Dear Bishop McAlilly,

    My name is Aline Wesley and my husband, Tom, and I hav e been members of the Tennessess Confe rence for some 30+ years.  We are members of Epworth UMC in the Columbia District.   In these over 30 years, we have had seven different pastors.   The longest tenure for any of these has been Dr. L eNoir Culbertson for 11 years and now Rev. Chip Hunter for 8 years.  Tom and I would like to say, “Thank You!” for the way you and the Cabinet are handling new appointments this year.  It sounds as if it will indeed be a great start for “new beginnings.”   We re alize the difficult task that it must be to  work with pastors and their families and c ongregations to have the very best opportunities to “M ake Disciples of J esus Christ..”  Thank you for the time and prayerful consideration you have given to do this work.  We will continue to pray for you and the C abinet and for all of these new appointees and their churches  as they  begin their ministry together  on the first of July.  God bless you.


    Aline Wesley

  6. Spiritual leadership with clarity and transparency; bathed in love and prayer. Thank you.

  7. Jerry Jeffords says:

    Thank you for your prayerful leadership! I really do believe that greater things are
    yet to be!

  8. Bill Vaughan says:

    Thank God for leadership which takes such an approach to appointment making.