Bishop McAlilly announces pilgrimage to the Holy Land


Bishop Bill McAlilly announces pilgrimage to the Holy Land February 17-26, 2014

Jerusalem, the Holy City! Since the earliest days of Christianity, pilgrims have made their way to this place. In 2014, we will follow in the ancient and venerated footsteps of these faithful Christians.

As we travel together, we will worship and learn. We will visit sites where Jesus walked, where he taught and prayed. We will discover the images that he used to illustrate His parables. We will come closer to understanding Him as we gain understanding of world in which He conducted His ministry.

I hope many of you will accompany us on this spiritual pilgrimage. This will not be a commercial tour! This will be a true faith experience and I would consider it a privilege to have you with us.

Brochures, tour host information, and general information is available by contacting the following persons:

Project Coordinator for the Tennessee Conference: Randall and Brenda Ganues, or 615.804.5345
Project Coordinator for the Memphis Conference: Philip and Vida McClure, or 270.653.3352

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