A Prayer for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin-Luther-King-Jr.-PrayingRev. Susan Sharpe, our pastor at Wesleyan Hills UMC was invited to offer the prayer at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration in Memphis, TN today.

It is a beautiful prayer and one worthy of being shared on this day of remembrance.

Creator and Holy God, We thank you for this day – a day when we have been to the mountain top; a day never used before – Show us how to use this day and the days to come for your glory! 

We have gathered to remember, and celebrate the life of Dr. King.  We have come in different ships, but we are in the same boat as Dr. King once said.

We thank you for his witness of Non-violence.
We thank you that we have learned that hate only brings hate…It is LOVE that changes hearts…
As you have loved us, show us how to better love others.

We thank you for all this day who have brought us a WORD through song or speech.  Thank you for all who have come to remember & celebrate.  We thank you for the city of Memphis and our leaders……and all those of many colors who know that working together brings a new color.

You remind us to “cease to dwell on days gone by
or brood over past history because you are doing a NEW THING.

Can we not perceive it?” 

Dr. King showed us that our strength is in love…Hate is too heavy a burden to bear. 
Remind us that it is not the color of skin that should be our focus but the character of our soul… 
As we remember: “I have a dream…”, move us from dreaming into action;
keep us from building walls of differences,
and teach us how to build bridges of connection; 
We are all YOUR CHILDREN created in Your image.
Have we forgotten we are brothers and sisters?
God, your family table is big – red & yellow, black & white, they are precious in YOUR sight.
Teach us how to sit at YOUR table together. 
Show us how to “Be the dream in our homes, in our churches, on the streets of our city.
Take away our prejudices and let us live with YOUR principles.
When we leave this place, remind us to “Reach out and touch..” touch one another – through a kind word, a handshake, a thoughtful gesture…for we can’t control what happens in this city, but we can contribute to what happens.

Let us be those who bring LOVE.

Teach us how to BE THE DREAM…live the dream…give our hands and feet for the dream…..as we walk side by side….singing & shouting  together “we shall overcome.” 

Make it so, Lord, let it begin in me, in us today. 

Through the power of the Spirit we pray. 

Amen and Amen.

–Susan Sharpe

4 Comments on “A Prayer for Martin Luther King Jr. Day”

  1. James Ellington says:

    If you believe you can achieve.

  2. buena2 says:

    N. Hardin
    God has given Susan a wonderful way with words.

  3. Charles R. Johnson says:

    This is excellent and I thank Susan for her prayer.

  4. Deen Thompson says:

    And the People of God said, “AMEN”.