OneThingSoren Kierkegaard once said that “purity of heart is to will one thing.”  Saturday at the Tennessee Conference Evangelism event, Dr. Derrick Nobles challenged those in attendance to focus on one key change one needed to make in order to live more fully into the life of Christ, removing distractions, offering Christ.

At the closing, I invited the participants to share their “ONE THING.”  Already, two persons have shared with me the ONE THING they are working on.

Here’s mine:  I will fast from my cell phone when in restaurants and coffee shops so that I will be free to engage in conversations about life and faith when I have opportunity in places outside my normal comfort zones.

What is your “ONE THING”?

Let’s start a thread sharing our ONE THING!

14 Comments on “What IS my ONE THING?”

  1. Mike Womack says:

    My one thing is NO MORE FEAR

    Follow The Lord and be willing to do anything and everything He asked me to do. Without the fear of man or position.

  2. I’m with Randy Neal – listen more – speak less!

  3. James Ellington says:

    My one thing is to not get so irritated at uncourteous drivers who are usually on their cell phone and not paying attention to the road.

  4. My one thing is to begin each day by praying Psalm 139:23-24 . . . “search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!” . . . and then listen through the day for the Lord’s response.

  5. Roy Hall says:

    I will not look at my computer on the Sabbath.

  6. Barbara Burnes says:

    My one thing is being more committed to and intentional about prayer. I am actively taking steps to restart our Church prayer team.

  7. Randy Neal says:

    I’ve always played by the rules, but I don’t always think by the rules. I know that the carpenter’s rule is to measure twice, cut once. I intend to listen twice as much as I speak. (The Lord and I are working on this together.) Pray for me, Bishop. I’m praying for you.

  8. Patricia Coleman says:

    I am trying to focus on smiling at each person I meet, trying to shine God’s love on everyone.

  9. Lisa Albert says:

    I need to remember and re-focus that my work, family and spiritual life that can can be used to witness.

  10. Dr. John C. Lowrance says:

    My One Thing is to focus on engaging in Radical Hospitality in an effort to experience what the marginalized experience and to make more than just a charitable difference in their lives. John C. Lowrance

  11. Don Hudlow says:

    My *One Thing* is to continue to find the most effective means to put into action the *Mission Statement* the Nashville Area teams developed . . . and which I presented as a challenge to our Church Council yesterday.



  12. Marion Pitts says:

    I strongly agree with Mack Strange! That’s what I need to do! Thank you!

  13. Marion Pitts says:

    I already leave my cellphone off when dining and/or just with people. I will fast from my Kindle from 8:30-10:00 pm to leave time for my family. I get back to it for reading before bedtime then!I think I need to find something else to more strongly fast for!

  14. Mack Strange says:

    I like your “One Thing”, but mine needs to be more encompassing. I will seek to be less responsive to my technology and more sensitive and responsive to the people God has placed in front of me.