Let’s work together to Imagine No Malaria


Dear Friends,

By now  you have no  doubt heard about  the United Methodist challenge to eliminate Malaria  deaths in 2015.  Malaria is a  transmitted disease through  the bite of  a mosquito. lt claims  a life every  60 seconds. ln 2010, when the  campaign began,  a person  was dying every 30 seconds.  We are making a difference but  we aren’t there yet.

Malaria is preventable, treatable  and beatable. I am asking that every member and every congregation join in  to make a difference  and help in this fight.  lt is not  too late  to help by making a  decision now  to be part  of making  a huge  difference in the world!

Even though this  challenge has been before us since 2010 and across the  Tennessee and Memphis Conferences  we have seen congregations, youth  groups, United Methodist  Women, Campus Ministries and individuals  work toward this audacious goal.  We have not however, as an  Area, made a  commitment to be part of  this major campaign.

NOW is the time for the Tennessee  and Memphis Conferences, to  join in the effort  to help. l’m asking  your help in  this fight. How can  you help?

1. Advocate! Most people  don’t know the death and suffering  that malaria causes.  We need  your help to spread the  word about  this preventable and treatable disease.

2.  Raise Funds!  A gift  to lmagine No Malaria changes lives – yours and  someone in Africa.  Your donation helps provide bed nets, medicine and training to health workers. A small sacrifice that makes the  difference between life and  death in Africa.

3.  Engage Your Community! Expect to change the world. This  work in  Africa is our  faith in action. Bringing  this mission outside the church into your neighborhood is a great  way to rethink how we live our faith. Can you and your  church imagine what you  can do?

We have  just over a  thousand congregations in Middle and  West Tennessee and  Western Kentucky which comprise  the Nashville Area. I am asking every congregation  to participate. Set a goal  of raising $1000 above  and beyond  our normal budget. Some  will be able to  do more, much more. Others  will do less. But  there is no reason each congregation can’t do something.

Let’s  raise $1,000,000 for Imagine No Malaria. Let’s spend  the next 15 months working on  this. Let’s bring the  first fruit offering  to both 2014 Annual Conferences  and let’s celebrate at  Annual Conference 2015 with a victory. The  youth have shown us how to set a goal and  reach it! Let their  joy and enthusiasm inspire  the rest  of us.  Your District Lay Leaders and  your District Superintendent  will be available  to help set a  worthy goal.

Bishop William T. McAlilly

Click here to download a copy of the Bishop’s official letter to congregations throughout the Nashville Episcopal Area. 

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  2. Grace says:

    “This work in Africa is our faith in action. Bringing this mission outside the church into your neighborhood is a great way to rethink how we live our faith.” Bishop, this is indeed true. In Uganda GWI is engaging communities in awareness http://www.graceworksinitiative.org

  3. hneal56 says:

    Together we can do this!