Join me on 12-day pilgrimage and study cruise to Italy, Greece and Turkey in 2016 to explore life and teachings of Apostle Paul

shipPlease consider joining my wife, Lynn, and me on a spiritual journey exploring the life and teachings of the Apostle Paul. From September 29, 2016 to October 10, 2016, we will walk where Paul walked, worship where Paul preached and experience the power and presence of Christ in places where Paul witnessed.

I am excited to have our own Dr. Davis Chappell, Senior Pastor of Brentwood United Methodist Church in Brentwood, Tennessee, join us as our guest speaker. Expect to “be filled with the fullness of God” as Davis shares insights into Paul’s ministry.

Join others from Tennessee, Kentucky and beyond on this 12-day inspirational pilgrimage and study cruise, “Highlights of Paul’s Missionary Journeys,” aboard the ship Celebrity Reflection. The itinerary includes sailing from Rome throughout the Mediterranean and traveling the journeys of Paul in Italy, Greece and Turkey. An additional three-day pre- or post-tour of Rome also is available.

For a detailed description of our itinerary and registration, please click here. You also may find links to information on our conference websites at and or contact our tour coordinators:

Churches: Treat your pastor to this amazing journey or raise funds to send someone from your church.

Pastors: Learn how you may recruit fellow travelers and go free. Contact your tour coordinator.

I look forward to following in the footsteps of Paul through travel, study, worship and fellowship on this journey of a lifetime. I hope you will join us!

Your servant in Christ,

Bishop Bill McAlilly

3 Comments on “Join me on 12-day pilgrimage and study cruise to Italy, Greece and Turkey in 2016 to explore life and teachings of Apostle Paul”

  1. p.w.eubanks says:

    Ah yes, “expect to be filled with the fullness of God.” “It will only cost you some $4000 or more to hear me speak!”

    Greater things are yet to be done, indeed.

    • Bishop says:

      Deepening one’s knowledge of Biblical Lands is, for many, a once in a life time opportunity. Educational Opportunities has, for over 40 years, offered this ministry to the Church. Deepening one’s understanding of Paul’s ministry is heightened as one walks where Paul walked.

      Our focus in the Tennessee and Memphis Conferences is Leading, Learning and Loving. This trip is a wonderful way to be a life long learner.

      The keynote teacher for this event is Dr. Davis Chappell whose teaching will provide depth and understanding to all who participate.

  2. Patty and I just returned a few weeks ago from from being a bus captain of a group of 45 on a very similar itinerary with EO. It was a great trip and experience. I trust yours will be as well.