Remembering Louise Baird Short

Louise Short at General Conference, 2012. UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.

Louise Short at General Conference, 2012. UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.

Louise Short was a gift to the United Methodist Church. Her longevity allowed her to experience and walk alongside her husband, the late Bishop Roy Short, who served the Nashville Area from 1952 – 1964. She lived to be 110.

In one of my first visits with her after becoming the resident bishop of the Nashville Area, I was trying to find a place of common ground with Mrs. Short. I mentioned having met Harry Denman when I was a teenager.

Her face lit up like a lightbulb. She began to reminisce about the many ways their lives had intertwined and impacted the then Methodist Church.

Mrs. Short enjoyed her prominence as the oldest living Bishop’s wife. This often afforded her the opportunity to speak to groups many years after the death of her beloved husband.She had a clear voice and opinion, which she loved to express. She was never shy.

In 2012, the last General Conference Mrs. Short attended, she was invited to address the conference and said, “I’m a relic.”

She will be sorely missed by everyone who knew her.

A funeral service for Louise Short will be at 3 p.m. on next Wednesday, July 6, at West End United Methodist Church, 2200 West End Avenue in Nashville. 

2 Comments on “Remembering Louise Baird Short”

  1. Bishop Short ordained me in 1061 at McKendree. He spoke on several occasions at my appointments….the one remembered most at Columbia First in 1983….Michael Williams on staff with me. Mrs. Short came as well. Bishop had great sermons, but the thing remembered most was after services at our home, Bishop Short and Michael told stories after stories. Often Mrs. Short would correct Bishop’s stories. We had storytelling until one am. Wonderful. And when I retired in 2002, before I gave my “retired speech”, Mrs. Short came to the chancel and spoke on my behalf…..reminding all of the storytelling in Columbia and that her husband ordained me. After Mrs. Short spoke, I did not need to speak….I was so honored.

    Bob Lewis

  2. Michael D. O'Bannon says:

    Thanks for your article. My wife used to type for Bishop Short, and so we got to know the Shorts on a personal basis. They were both dedicated and loyal servants of the church; and Louise was a character (in a good way)! Michael O’Bannon