Mission is… International Disaster Response

One of the many facets of mission is International Disaster Response (IDR). Through the United Methodist Committee on Relief, the church is one of the first in when disaster strikes and one of the last to leave.

This is true in West Mosul, Iraq, where people have been displaced, lost their homes and are facing the daily realities of living in a war zone.

Photo: International Blue Crescent
UMCOR partners with International Blue Crescent to provide food to those in need in Mosul, Iraq.

One mother* shared she had lost her husband during the armed groups’ attacks of Mosul City. She now is trying to keep herself, three children and elderly father alive. She had to walk for days to get to where they currently live, and resources were difficult to locate. This mother in Mosul has received food assistance through the direct financial support provided by UMCOR to the International Blue Crescent.
She exclaimed it was the first time someone had provided support to help feed her children. This is mission work: supporting people in crisis, ensuring a mother can cook a proper meal for her family for the first time in six months. Through tears, she added, “I have felt guilty to eat instead of giving that to my children, but now, with proper food aid, I can leave that feeling, at least for the moment.”

Imagine a world where everyone shares this kind of love and support with others. This is possible through UMCOR, which serves as the primary channel for United Methodist assistance within the United States and abroad.

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*Names have been omitted for privacy

From Global Ministries – Engage Issue No. 23 | Mission is International Disaster Response