Cross Shaped Lives: AC2019

In a very short time, the Memphis and Tennessee Conferences will gather.

Our theme: Remember Who We are: Word, Water, Witness will guide our days together.

In our remembering, I invite you to prepare yourselves by focusing on Matthew 5,6, and 7. This is known as the Sermon on the Mount. These three chapters encompass the Beatitudes but so much more. More than anything else, these sacred words are a  guide to how scripture invites us to live in relationship with brothers and sisters in Christ as well as those in the world.  It is my prayer that we will meditate on these Holy Words daily as we approach our time for Annual Conference. 

Further, let me invite you to reflect on the life and teaching of Jesus and prayerfully consider how we are preparing ourselves spiritually. When we are rooted in Scripture and focused on Jesus as Lord, holy conferencing with one another becomes a means of grace. It is my prayer that this will be true as we gather.

As you prepare your hearts and minds, reflect on these three short chapters. Think before you speak. Reflect on the life and teachings of Jesus. As Paul taught us in Philippians 2, “Have this mind in you that was also in Christ Jesus.”

Our lives are cross-shaped because we have said yes to Christ through our baptism. We are indeed rooted in scripture, centered in Christ. Our witness becomes the window through which others are drawn near to Jesus Christ. 

We have important work to do. Let us do our part by being spiritually prepared to give Christ our best. 

Your Servant for Christ’s Sake,

Bill McAlilly