It’s Time to Name Our New Conference!

The time has come to name our new conference! The new conference guide team is initiating the process that you will find below.  I will be appointing a discernment committee to collect the names, pray, listen, and discern the new name. 

The process relies on your submissions. Please consider submitting a name that you believe God is giving us. 

Please continue to be in prayer for the committee and for the Memphis and Tennessee conferences as we create a new conference together.

Bishop McAlilly


Names are very important and hold meaning in our lives. We are intentionally given names at birth. In Scripture, when people experience rebirth or transformation, God gives them a new name. When something new is planted or formed, it is given a new name. Many names tell stories. The name for our new annual conference is important as we lean into who God is calling us to be.

Bishop McAlilly will appoint a new conference naming discernment committee composed of members of the Memphis and Tennessee Conferences with intentional attention on the inclusion of young members who will be living and leading for decades to come in the new conference.

Names for the new conference will be submitted through forms available through the Memphis and Tennessee Conference websites from September 16 – October 14, 2019. The form will ask for submitter’s name and contact info, the suggested name for the new conference, and an open box to share the why, the story, the meaning, the related scripture or the rationale for the name.

The naming discernment committee will meet and consider all submissions and discern the new name. The mission, vision, values and strategic initiatives that were adopted for the new conference at annual conference 2019 will be considered in the discernment process.

The name will be announced on Sunday, December 1, the first Sunday of Advent.

Submission Form (This link also will be available on both conference websites and via E-Newsletters through October 14)

Mission, Vision, and Values for the New Conference (adopted at both 2019 annual conferences)