A Virtual Holy Saturday Vigil

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Please receive this video as a gift to your Holy Week preparations.

This service is designed to be shared this Holy Saturday as a reminder that between Good Friday and Easter we wait in anticipation of all that is to come. My sense is that we are in a space – with the Covid-19 Pandemic – caught between Good Friday and Easter.

May you find strength by sharing in this service of worship so that Easter morning we may proclaim with great joy, “Christ Is Risen! Christ is Risen indeed!”

I give thanks to God for the team that made this video possible. Especially I want to thank Linda Furtado, Brian Sutton, Lynn McAlilly, Cynthia Wilson, David Brooks, and Kylie Marino without whom this virtual worship would not have come to you today.

Bishop McAlilly


A Virtual Holy Saturday Vigil with Bishop McAlilly on Vimeo.


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