Tending to Your Spiritual and Emotional Care – part 1

Across the last 12 months I have become increasingly aware of the challenges facing our pastors as they have navigated the unevenness of the dual pandemics of Covid-19 and racism. I have observed in my own spirit weariness of social distancing and the loss of our normal ways of doing and being as the body of Christ.

As your Chief Shepherd, it is my desire to find ways to assist our pastoral leaders in strengthening their resilience through tending to their spiritual and emotional care. What follows today and next week are conversations between Dr. Cynthia Davis and me as we think about spiritual and emotional care. We have a team that is working on a plan to deepen the resources offered through Spiritual Direction, Coaching and Counseling.

It is our hope that by Annual Conference we will be able to offer specific opportunities to support your journey.

Please listen.

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