Daily Prayers for Lent | 3-4-22

God of mercy, hear our prayers.

You, who are bringing hope in the despairing places

You, who are fulfilling your kingdom on earth

we praise you in this season.

We thank you for the power of your grace and love

that remains the most powerful force in the universe. 

Lord, when we find ourselves following the crowd today

please tune our ears to your voice above the noise

and guide us home to you.

When we are tempted to react instead of responding

to judge our brother or sister instead of praying

to run and hide instead of standing steady in the gap – 

forgive us, and turn us quickly, Lord.

Turn our minds and hearts back to you. 

Turn us…to walk courageously toward the 

sound of the Savior’s voice that no human controls,

nor any army restrains. 

The voice of the one who created us 

the voice that speaks from the whole of creation

the voice that even trees and seas joyfully obey. 

Turn us…to the humility of watching for you, our Lord.

Watching, Holy God, for your presence and invitation

into your kingdom on earth right now. 

For you, Oh Lord, are the God who confounds 

the efforts of the wicked

and brings beauty out of ashes.

You are the Creator who establishes your kingdom

while we are distracted making plans

and strategies for our own kingdoms. 

Forgive us. Have mercy on us. Restore us. 

Lord, we are yours; we yield to you today.

Lead us home in this season 

Wipe the ashes of sin and sorrow from our heads

Cleanse our minds so we can embody the

mind of Christ.

Restore our feet to solid ground

and lead us home to you. 

We love you, Lord, and we trust you completely. 

We pray in the name of the resurrected Christ; Amen.