Daily Prayers for Lent | 3-8-22

Forgiving God,

You have never failed to be merciful to us. In those times when we are at a loss to explain our own actions, you never abandon us. When we are distracted by many things, you invite us to a place of integrity and calm simplicity. When we have fallen into despair, you remind us that–in your eyes–our value is beyond calculation. When we are exhausted and spent, you call us to come and rest.

As a loving parent, you call us to accountability–encouraging us to lift our eyes and meet (fully) your gaze. In your face, we see the radiance of our Redeemer’s love and we lose ourselves in that radiance. Our harmful shame is transformed into an ever-growing desire to conform our own wills to your divine purposes.

Forgive us, Lord. Free us for joyful obedience. Draw us closer–in love– to you as you prepare for a place called Golgotha.

In the name of Jesus the Christ, we pray. Amen.