Daily Prayers for Lent | 3-11-22

O Lord,

Who never leaves.

You are here today with us.

You have been with us every day

and will be with us each and every day to come. 

We give thanks to you O Lord for your deep and constant presence in our lives 

that does not let go of us. Any of us.

We need you Lord this hour, this day.

It is only through your love and with your embrace that we can take each step.

We confess that we often refuse your embrace of transforming love

But Lord we know in our hearts and souls that our hope comes from opening our arms to receive you.

Lord, remove our confidence in our own righteousness.

Lord, remove our arrogance in thinking we are all-knowing.

Give us instead a heart of humility that embodies your grace.

We trust you Lord to create this work in us.

In each of us and all of us.

In the name of Christ, we pray. Amen.