Daily Prayers for Lent | 3-18-22

Gracious and Loving God,
We pause and bow in our spirits before Your great and awesome Presence.
We thank You for the gift of this day where we experience the wonders of Your glory.
We praise You for a love that won’t let us go, won’t turn us loose and won’t give up on us.
We thank you for Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.
We thank you for the One who is Healer, Refuge, Deliverer, Strength and Comfort.
We thirst for Your Presence! Our souls are parched and dry without the anointing that flows from Your throne room of grace!
We will bless You as long as there is breath in our bodies, blood coursing through our veins, marrow in our bones and we are clothed in our right minds.
Help us to cling to the hem of Your garment for refreshing, restoration and resurrection that can only come from You.
We remember….and we repent…help us to be reconciled to our brothers and sisters and love them unconditionally.
Fix us and forgive us. Heal us and help us.
We rest our souls in the very palm of your hands…
In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen