Daily Prayers for Lent | 3-23-22


As you now prepare to fully give yourself for our sakes, may we so learn to give ourselves for others. May we see your person in the outcast one and hear your voice in the cry of those displaced by senseless war.

May our senses be sharpened so that we refuse to take for granted the good things of this life. May our consciences be attuned to the pain of those who –outwardly–seem so composed and unflappable and yet inwardly are in distress.

May our souls be quick to admit error and seek forgiveness.

May we realize our time here on earth is indeed brief. May we say what must be said and do those things which cannot be neglected. May we realize the limits and the potential of our humanity.

Teach us, O Gentle Savior, to so fully live in this life that we might be granted life eternal.

In Christ’s Name,