Daily Prayers for Lent | 3-30-22

God of grim and glory roads, guide us along a holy path during Lent. There are many grim scenes to witness. There are words of judgment and hate being spoken and shouted; victims of neglect, oppression, and prejudice to be cared for and defended. There are the powerful who need to be humbled and the powerless who need lifting up. There are moments of joy and renewal in acts of healing and grace; moments of injustice in the recurring echoes of the ancient cry, “Crucify him!” Help us to be intentional in our Lenten walk so that we are not tempted to join the angry mob. Help us to have eyes to see and ears to hear the Good News. Guide us to the cross of Christ. Let us weep with Mary. Let us say “Amen” to the centurion’s Holy Witness that Jesus, our Messiah, was and is truly Your Son. By Christ, in Christ, and through Christ, we pray. Amen.