A call to mission and discipleship

Last week Derrick-Lewis Noble and I led an event with leaders from both the Memphis and Tennessee Annual Conferences titled Evangelism & Mission: Making discipleship possible. We began the event with worship, and I offered some thoughts on the changes we are facing in the church and our call to action. The first video from that event is now online, and features my sermon from that worship service. Check it out below.

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OneThingSoren Kierkegaard once said that “purity of heart is to will one thing.”  Saturday at the Tennessee Conference Evangelism event, Dr. Derrick Nobles challenged those in attendance to focus on one key change one needed to make in order to live more fully into the life of Christ, removing distractions, offering Christ.

At the closing, I invited the participants to share their “ONE THING.”  Already, two persons have shared with me the ONE THING they are working on.

Here’s mine:  I will fast from my cell phone when in restaurants and coffee shops so that I will be free to engage in conversations about life and faith when I have opportunity in places outside my normal comfort zones.

What is your “ONE THING”?

Let’s start a thread sharing our ONE THING!