A call to mission and discipleship

Last week Derrick-Lewis Noble and I led an event with leaders from both the Memphis and Tennessee Annual Conferences titled Evangelism & Mission: Making discipleship possible. We began the event with worship, and I offered some thoughts on the changes we are facing in the church and our call to action. The first video from that event is now online, and features my sermon from that worship service. Check it out below.

3 Comments on “A call to mission and discipleship”

  1. dose4today says:

    I love the idea that our connection is not about our structure but about our connection with one another with the Holy Spirit!

  2. James Ellington says:

    I went to a conference in Jackson on Sat, the 25th and the Bishop and the entire room was fired up with the love of the Lord and maybe we have started on the path the bishop wants us to be on. I know I went back to my church and did a bible study on the same topics and challenged everyone to come up with our direction and how to get there. I hope everyone does the same at their church.

  3. Sharon Austell says:

    This was an insightful and inspiring event. We were asked to put one thing we learned into play, immediately, and my “one thing” was to come home and get a print-out of the roll of our church. I’m pledging to write a hand-written note to each person/family in 2014 just to let them know that I’m praying for them and I’m glad to have them as part of our church family. We have over a thousand members on roll, so pray for my hands!! 🙂 I’ve already put several other ideas from this event into play, as well. I’m thankful for Bishop McAlilly and for Derrick Lewis Noble and their commitment to our church and to the Body of Christ.

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